January 24, 2024

ISSN – PRINT:2756-4495 | ONLINE: 2756-4487

Volume 04, Issue 01 – 2024

Clan Culture and Performance Organization

Anya Udochukwu Bose J


This paper seeks to understand the nature of the relationship that exists between clan culture and organisational performance. While numerous factors contribute to organizational performance, one aspect that holds immense potential is the cultivation of a clan culture. Clan culture, rooted in collaboration, shared values, and a strong sense of community, has proven to be a catalyst for driving organizational performance to new heights. We examined the influence of clan culture on organisational performance, while highlighting the benefits, and proposing ways to create a performance-focused clan culture. Theories such as organizational culture theory, social exchange theory, transformational leadership theory, and social identity theory were all discussed in the course of this research under the theoretical framework. While some authors through their studies revealed that there is a positive significant relationship between clan culture and organizational performance, others do not agree to it. On a different level, some researchers rather see this relationship as causal. After extant empirical and non-empirical reviews, this paper identifies a common ground for various positions and arguments from different authors. This work reveals that clan culture and organizational performance are not mutually exclusive; instead, they complement and reinforce each other. The synergy between clan culture and performance organization paves the way for sustained success, increased productivity, and a thriving organizational culture. 

Keywords: Clan Culture; Performance Organization; Collaboration; Teamwork;