October 16, 2023
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ISSN – PRINT:2756-4495 | ONLINE: 2756-4487

Volume 03, Issue 03 – 2023

Cultural Influences and Organizational Performance

Silva Opuala-Charles,

Ibigbemi Seun Samuel


This study conducted an analysis of extant empirical research on organizational culture and its impact on organizational performance. The objective is to examine various dimensions of organizational culture and performance, providing a nuanced conceptual framework. Through an extensive review of the literature, it showed that organizational culture exerts a substantial influence on the functioning, personnel dynamics, and operational execution across a diverse array of enterprises. Research posits that when employees exhibit dedication and align with the core values of their employers, they markedly enhance their performance in advancing the organization’s overarching objectives. It is recommended, among other measures, that managers and executives be actively encouraged to cultivate a robust organizational culture, thereby bolstering the collective performance of the workforce and fortifying the overall viability of the business:


Keywords; Collectivism Culture; Business Performance; Cultural Dynamics; Individualism;



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