May 18, 2023
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Volume 02, Issue 03 – 2022

Enhancing Employee Loyalty in Nigeria's Insurance Industry Through Better Conflict Resolution Strategies

Yvonne S. Iwo-Brown

Tamunonimim Ngerebo-A


This study examines the extent to which conflict resolution strategies affect the loyalty of employees in insurance companies in south-south Nigeria. A population of 3500 respondents was drawn from eight insurance companies in south-south Nigeria and a sample size of 359 was taken at a 95% level of confidence. The sample were selected using the random sampling approach. The spearman rank-order correlation coefficient was used in testing the stated hypotheses. The findings revealed that collective bargaining strategy has more effect on employee loyalty than arbitration and confrontation strategy. Therefore, the study recommended that a confrontation strategy should be the last resort. Keywords: Conflict, collective bargaining, confrontation, loyalty, insurance/.


ORCID ID: 0000-0003-1591-1141



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