ISSN – PRINT:2756-4495 | ONLINE: 2756-4487

Volume 03, Issue 02 – 2023

Environmental Factors and Performance of Agro-based Cold Chain Enterprises in Nigeria: A Conceptual Review

Silva Opuala – Charles
Gerry Ikputu


Studies on supply chains and logistics focus mostly on the manufacturing, pharmaceutical, and service sectors while paying little attention to the cold chain food sector. The environmental factors that Nigeria’s agro-based cold chain business must deal with are examined in this paper. The study highlighted economic, financial, governmental/regulatory, transportation/logics, and infrastructure as the primary environmental factors that act as hurdles to the functioning of agro-based cold chain enterprises in Nigeria. The study suggests that in order to improve food quality, guarantee food safety, reduce waste, and increase the efficiency and productivity of the cold supply chain, managers and policymakers should invest more resources and focus on these factors. The study recommended more investigation into the impacts of environmental factors on the operation of agro-based cold chain enterprises using methodologies like correlation or structural equation modeling (SEM). Future studies should also determine which of these environmental factors makes it most challenging for Nigeria’s agro-based cold chain economy to function.

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