ISSN – PRINT:2756-4495 | ONLINE: 2756-4487

Volume 03, Issue 03 – 2023

Process Culture and Business Performance in Nigeria

Silva Opuala-Charles,

Nathaniel Sata – Owugha


This study investigated the relationship between process culture and business performance in Nigeria. Process culture is discussed concerning organizational culture models, characterized by a hierarchical structure and an emphasis on how tasks are done rather than what is accomplished. The advantages of process culture include promoting consistent company values, providing opportunities for internal growth, and attracting investor interest. However, it also comes with disadvantages, such as slow decision-making and challenges adapting to market changes. Empirical studies cited in this study highlighted the positive relationship between process culture and business performance, emphasizing the need for organizations in Nigeria to cultivate strong process cultures to enhance efficiency and effectiveness, ultimately contributing to improved business performance. Lastly, this study underscores the importance of aligning organizational culture with the organization’s mission and goals to foster employees engagement and success.


Keywords: Process Culture; Business Performance; Organizational Culture: Employee Engagement;