ISSN – PRINT:2756-4495 | ONLINE: 2756-4487

Volume 04, Issue 01 – 2024

Strategic Leadership and Performance: A Study of SITRID International School, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria.

1-2 George-Izunwa, Manuela, Silva Opuala – Charles


This study examines the relationship between strategic leadership and performance of Sitrid International School, Port Harcourt. The population in this study is 63 personnel including directors, administrators, team leads, and supervisors including teaching and non-teaching staff of SITRID International School, Port Harcourt. Census approach was used in this study. This means the entire population was adopted as the sample. The convenience sampling approach, a non-probability sampling technique, was also used in the study. This method of sampling was selected due to the population’s availability and degree of accessibility. The Spearman’s Rank Order Correlation Coefficient was used for the analysis. 63 copies of the questionnaire were distributed. Only 59 copies were retrieved and analysed. The conclusion reached was that; leadership is urged to create an organic organisational structure when there are plenty of dynamic skills available in order to effectively utilise these dynamic talents. In fact, the absence of an organic framework may limit the benefits of dynamic capabilities and lower their return on investment.